Our fully trained London based engineers are masters of their trade, able to quickly and effectively diagnose faults whilst our friendly customer services staff are at hand to make sure your experience is of the highest quality.

We are familiar with all the major electronic brands as well as the lesser known ones, from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Philips and so many more.

Our team can deal with all modern day types of screens, LCD, LED, 4K, Plasma and Monitors. We are also fully qualified to repair or service DVD players, DVD Recorders, Hi-Fi’s, Laptops, Satellite repair and all type of installations from Wall Mounting TVs to inhouse CCTV systems for your security. We also upon request provide Damage Evaluation Reports for insurance companies.

We pride ourselves on our key relationships with top manufacturers to provide high quality products, parts, and technical support.

Same Day Service

Where possible, our intent is to always be able to repair your product on-site at your home to get you up and running as soon as possible. If you call before 5pm, depending on our workload we would always aim to visit within 24 hours, offering a friendly weekend service too.